Every online website should be hosted in a web server application that can bring your website’s pages to the visitor’s browser. Since its introduction, Apache has quickly improved popularity and acceptance and has become the most popular web server application and a great tutorial hostinger. In 2010, it assisted almost 55% of all websites in the world to indicate its success. It is maintained, developed, and improved by many developers worldwide and is always updated and upgraded as hosting requirements change as an open-source application. Many are the features that have contributed to its overwhelming popularity.

Virtual private hosts are the best hosting opportunity because they include only single hosts and support various websites, making it convenient. It allows you to customize and configure error messages, install DBMS-based authentication databases, content conversations, and more. Finally, Apache supports multiple graphical user interfaces – no wonder this happens so often! Therefore, read the following seven advantages of using the Apache webserver.



It is remarkably rich in incredibly beneficial features for new websites and matches the latest web protocols.


its modular design lends itself to customization when creating a server configuration to meet clients’ needs.


The form data in Apache utilize ASCII. That makes them very easy to apply since it is easy to edit the files involving any text editor.



With its open-source structure and API, it is a hosting application that is continually evolving thanks to the work that developers worldwide are doing on it. As a result of this extensibility, each developer can create a custom module and then submit a request for its use by other developers within the Apache developer community.


It’s lean, quick, and consequently applies for extremely little system support. The C code on which it is based is intended for performance optimization.

OS Independent


It can work on various operating systems such as Windows 9x/NT, MacOS, dan UNIX, etc.


It has evolved into a highly reliable and secure online server. Communication and protection against possible errors are simple and easy thanks to open source code. This point also indicates that bugs are covered by developers worldwide, which leads to a fast solution.

For companies, the efficiency and reliability of this online server platform is always an important issue. Apache does well, with its features and advantages, to provide a secure, fast, reliable, scalable, and agile web server for businesses, with worldwide service and development through an open resource structure. What more could a business owner want for his online server?


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