With the global health crisis, more people are avoiding public transport because of fear of the dreadful coronavirus. In some countries, riding public commute is still banned in the streets. This leaves people to seek other forms of transportation.

E-bikes are excellent alternatives. Just the same, they can get you to where you are going. The limitation may depend on you. They can be used in long-distance travel, but they may be better for short to medium distances like going to the grocery store, office, or on a recreational trip to a nearby hill. Indeed, there are many ways that an electric bike can help us.

The importance of e-bikes can be more felt during this pandemic. Here’s why.

E-Bikes Can Help Us Save Money

bikerWe have seen in the last few months of a standstill in most economic activities. This may mean that there may soon be an increase in prices of basic commodities, and it may include prices of fuel. Using your car every time may be expensive.

Many businesses were forced to stop leading to lost jobs. We surely need to save as there is no definite date that this pandemic will end. Saving from our fuel consumption can be one of the best remedies. An electric bike can surely help.

We Can Maintain Social Distancing With E-Bikes

Public transport is not advised during these times because the coronavirus spreads easily with close contact. Even wearing of masks and face shields may not protect us completely. By using e-bikes, we can avoid crowds of people that is evident in public commute.

We Make Ourselves Healthier Against the Virus

You can ride an e-bike by not exerting any help in the pedaling or applying a pedal assist. While e-bikes may not be as effective as riding on manual bikes, they can also help give us enough exercise when doing pedal assist. They are particularly excellent for our respiratory system. Enhancing our respiratory health during this COVID 19 pandemic is very relevant as it is the part of our body that is attacked by the virus.

monoxide-producingWe Make a Healthier World for Others

While we are concerned with our health, we should also be the same as others. Using a free monoxide-producing form of commute can be the best that we can do to the health of people around us. Indeed, electric bikes can help us lessen our carbon footprint.