Human has always been involved in tech from time immemorial. The life-transforming innovations such as automobile, airplane, telephone, and radio, to mention a few, show the innate innovativeness in humans. Unfortunately, some of the biggest awe-inspiring inventions took long to be known across the globe for lack of proper means to disseminate the news. 

Nowadays, most of the biggest innovations are hitting the headlines and are getting to us as instant news, thanks to the well-developed media of sharing information. But there are those small innovations by people living in remotest areas that never get to see the day’s light. Those are some of our key concerns. We look to capturing those stories so resources can be marshaled to develop them to be top-notch innovations. 

Jay Kay Tech Hub also seeks to inform readers of some creative ways of using our daily appliances to better our lives. We also intend to educate on alternative gadgets, care, and maintenance of machines and the improvisation and utilization of the locally available items to make simple devices that ease life. We also bring our readers timely updates on product launches and other tech-news.