Generally, there are four types of app stores. They are carriers, tiers, third parties, and manufacturers. They are all vast markets where each store has its own strengths and weaknesses, depending on the customer’s point of view and needs. However, this article will focus more on carriers or platform stores, including where they stand.

Apple App Store

app storeApple App Store is the most successful app store, but it has often renowned for its exclusiveness for Apple users. Such a situation creates a chance for third-party apps, such as Panda Helper and many others, to grow faster to satisfy Apple users. Despite all that, Apple App Store has stayed strong among fellow Apple Users for its security. Also, they have adherence to design standard that makes the Apps suitable and flexible for the user. With over 300,000 iPhone, iTouch, and iPad apps, it already has over 7 billion downloads. No wonder Apple can gain up to thirty percent income from the Apple App Store.

Play Store or Google Android Marketplace

PlaystoreToday’s Play Store is firstly introduced as Google Android Marketplace. This platform marketplace is considered more popular than Apple App Store because of its openness to embrace all different apps. It even states that this store already has 100,000 apps, and more than 5,000 are added every week. In this case, no wonder that many manufacturers adopt Android as their operating system and inevitably use this app store as a default system.

Since this app store is an unregulated one where everything is allowed, there have been some downsides to this app store. One of them is the many poorly built junk apps that might have security issues. Fortunately, the Play Store seems to act regarding this problem to ensure its security. As a result, a reasonable amount of defectively built app has decreased, and users still stay coming to use this app store. For their outstanding service, Google has generated thirty percent of income from the Play Store, which is the same percentage as Apple.

Windows Store

The third one is Windows Phone Store. This one comes later compared to the first two. The owner of this platform app store is Microsoft that comes along with Windows Phone 7. This app store has 100,000 apps consisting of the most prominent games and apps that the user may love. Combined with Microsoft’s advertising opportunities, this app store can expect rapid growth in this area. However, not many use Windows Store, and some of the products that use this app store are Lumia and Nokia.

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