Once you open your YouTube account, you must be overwhelmed with the number of new channels almost every day. This is because vlogging has become so popular. People are into it because of the promise of a good income. And thanks to them. We are brought to new places that we never thought would see, witness spectacular events, listen to contrasting ideas, see different kinds of food, entertainment options, and everything that this world has to offer. But aside from the good side of life, some vlogs help us open up our eyes to the challenges of many people around the globe. Indeed, vlogs are a great help in increasing our awareness of the world we live in.

With the stiff competition, though, having a YouTube channel of your own does not mean instant earnings. Good content and quality video may lead you to where you want to be – more viewership and subscription. What makes a quality video in vlogs?

High-Resolution Camera

ipadThe first thing that viewers will notice in a vlog is how clear your videos are. They will surely leave your channel if the images are blurred. To help you create cinematic videos, having a 4k resolution video over 1080p will help. A drone with the right pixel resolution will produce vivid images, whether on close, even during night or day. This will not be a problem while taking videos at high altitude or low altitude.

Excellent Audio

Many vloggers may see audio quality as less important than video quality, which is wrong if you aim to produce superior vlogs. They should come hand-in-hand. Although video cams come in with built-in microphones, only a few brands are capable of producing great audio. Recording with an external mic will give you better results. Of course, you want all your viewers to understand what you are saying.

Dependable Stability Features

Another thing that will also turn off viewers is when you have unstable videos. It may really be hard to stay focused on a shaky video. With many options out there, can you expect that viewers will finish your video? For sure, they will click on the next one. When buying a drone for vlogging, it is really a big deal to inspect for a steady hovering and mounted gimbal to ensure stable videos.

Longer Flight Time

dronIt will be more convenient for you to have a drone with a longer battery life. That means you can get capture more images in a single flight. But because the battery life of a drone can go as far as 30 minutes, you should have backup batteries. More videos from several angles will help you create a complete video of a scenery, event, or whatever subject you have.

To be competitive, it helps if you polish your editing skills. Your content can also affect your viewership. If your ultimate goal is to earn money, you have to get the right audience by being unique, and sometimes sensationalizing subject matters can help immensely.