Today, lithium-ion batteries are found in many devices such as digital cameras, laptops, cell phones, and tons of other electronics. If you want to take care of your battery and extend its life, we suggest following these tips. These tips will also protect your smartphone and other devices from injury. To know more about battery, visit the deccanherald website.

Change Your Battery

When you purchase a battery pack, you need to charge it for 12 hours before inserting it into your device. Because they have a low self-discharge rate, be sure to charge the batteries. Once the charger shows the display, you can remove the batteries and insert them into the device. It is also important to note that these batteries must be operated for at least three cycles before reaching their maximum capacity.

Right Charger


Most of us take care of electronics, but we tend to ignore the consequences of using the wrong charger. When you buy a charger, make sure you choose the right one. If you can’t get the first one, we recommend selecting a first-class charger with overload protection.

Metal Contacts

If you decide to use batteries, you can adjust the contacts to touch metal objects such as keys. This is important if it is not a concise circuit. In this case, battery life may be shortened. A more unfavorable location may also cause a fire or explosion.


Leaving the battery discharged for more than three months may cause injury. In this case, be sure to partially charge the battery before putting it in the drawer for one or two months. Ideally, it should be charged at 30 percent of its capacity.

If you are likely to buy a lithium-ion battery, you should follow these plans. By following these guidelines, you can extend battery life.